Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well I have moved again. In my eighteen years of living this is now my nineteenth residence.  You would think that by now I would be a pro at packing and unpacking and cleaning and organizing...well think again.

Moving is a lot of work, and I tend to put it all off to the last minute every time I have done it.  I hate boxes, and I hate cleaning.  I hate lifting and stacking.  I hate driving and tying things down.  I hate packing and unpacking and putting things in their place.  I hate every little thing about moving.  I hate switching banks and grocery stores.  I hate losing things.

It seems like I just cant stay away from moving around, I'm some what of a nomad, constantly changing where I lay my head.  And the worst part is I know this isn't going to be my last move.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Whoever Invents College Classrooms,

Today I realized just how important sleep is to a college student. 

People aren't kidding when they say that college kids can become very sleep deprived very fast.  It was of course my own fault for putting off writing an english paper until the last minute, and of course forcing myself to stay awake to finish it last night, oh and to watch the vma's... Needless to say I felt like some sort of walking dead all day at school.  But I also noticed that I was not the only one who was a little sleepy.  I walked into the library and spotted more than one "kid" sleeping in the reading chairs, or casually laying their head down on the table for just one minute..

So I came up with a proposal for a new room that should be installed on every college campus nation wide: a nap room. 

I know it may seem like a stretch, but I think it would make things a whole lot easier.  Today after stumbling around in a daze for a while I decided my body needed some sort of rest, and because my home is so far away from school going there to lay down was not an option.  My only other solution was to take a nap in the back of my car.  This was a little awkward for a couple different reasons:

1. The back of my car is not very big which means there is little sleeping room.
2. All of the windows are crystal clear which means free viewing for everyone walking by.
3. When I woke up I had forgotten where I was for a minute, and I felt like I had been kidnapped.

In conclusion, Mr. Maker of college classrooms, please consider my proposal for a nap room, it doesnt even have to have windows.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


College isn't good at making you feel welcome.  It is such a big difference from high school, a reality check, the real world crashes in all in one place: community college.

When you get to college you no longer call your teachers by Mr. or Mrs., you call them Ray or Paula.  And they aren't teachers anymore either, they're "Professors".  They start "professing" on the first day, they don't waste any time, they dive right into things.  This is when you learn how to drop classes.  This is also when you learn how to look up your professor online before you sign up for their class.

The "kids" are also different at CC (Community College).  By "kids" I am referring to the mothers, tattooed dads, and gradparents who are sprinkled in all of your classes and are more eager to learn than all the fresh-out-of-high school students that drag themselves into class at the last minute.  One thing I like about these "kids" is the fact that they don't keep track of what outfit you wear on what day and if your hair looks perfect or not, they could care less, they wouldn't even notice if you came to class in your pajamas and unwashed hair. 

Yes CC is quite a change from high school, and I havn't quite decided how I feel about it yet.  So for now I'm just stuck here trying to capture the color of my surroundings, one day at a time.