Thursday, September 10, 2009


College isn't good at making you feel welcome.  It is such a big difference from high school, a reality check, the real world crashes in all in one place: community college.

When you get to college you no longer call your teachers by Mr. or Mrs., you call them Ray or Paula.  And they aren't teachers anymore either, they're "Professors".  They start "professing" on the first day, they don't waste any time, they dive right into things.  This is when you learn how to drop classes.  This is also when you learn how to look up your professor online before you sign up for their class.

The "kids" are also different at CC (Community College).  By "kids" I am referring to the mothers, tattooed dads, and gradparents who are sprinkled in all of your classes and are more eager to learn than all the fresh-out-of-high school students that drag themselves into class at the last minute.  One thing I like about these "kids" is the fact that they don't keep track of what outfit you wear on what day and if your hair looks perfect or not, they could care less, they wouldn't even notice if you came to class in your pajamas and unwashed hair. 

Yes CC is quite a change from high school, and I havn't quite decided how I feel about it yet.  So for now I'm just stuck here trying to capture the color of my surroundings, one day at a time.

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  1. Those eager to learn older "kids" ---very observant. I liked that. It is totally different from HS, and for me that was the appeal. Hope it starts to feel normal soon.